Transforming lives beyond handouts

Let’s face it, some charities don’t work — at least not traditional charities in East Africa 

Despite receiving $500B in aid over the past decade, many Africans remain impoverished and reliant on handouts.

Free food has devastated local farming and food industries, hindering sustainable agriculture growth in East Africa.

Free clothing has devastated the local apparel manufacturing industry and left African retail shops struggling to survive.

Maasai Girls Rescue Center is not a traditional African charity giving handouts.

Instead of handouts, MGRC gives a hand up.  Adopting proven business techniques and developing personalized education and training plans for each girl, MGRC’s vision is to eliminate the need for giving and replace with financial independence and long-term success. At MGRC, we rescue the most at-risk African girls in the Maasai community and replace a handout with a hand up. 

An entrepreneurial approach transforming African aid: A village-level alternative to failed African aid

A better future for at-risk Maasai Girls — MGRC’s social enterprise is making a difference.

MGRC operates as a non-traditional African charity, functioning as a social enterprise with the core objective of empowering every girl by offering them a path towards financial independence and an improved quality of life.

Distinguishing ourself from a typical African charity,

  • MGRC operates with no administrative expenses
  • Has implemented rigorous financial and business frameworks
  • Ensures that 100% of donations directly benefit our girls and their supporters

We have established processes and systems to consistently achieve successful and efficient outcomes, always prioritizing the well-being of the girls in every decision.

Devoted to empowering Maasai Girls

MGRC is dedicated to rescuing and transforming the lives of at-risk Maasai girls by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, counseling, education, and training in a loving and safe environment. Our goal is to change the mindset surrounding the value of Maasai girls and break the cycle of poverty and oppression in the African community. We prepare these girls to become strong, independent women with the skills needed for success in various fields.

Day in the life raising a family of 70! 

House mothers accomplishing the unthinkable, each day. 

Our family of over 70 at-risk African girls from the Maasai community receive love, a nurturing childhood, and a sense of purpose. We ensure they attend school daily and live in small groups with house mothers as parental figures. Our ecoFarm provides food for them to eat together.

  • We recognize the importance of teaching girls essential life, leadership, and interpersonal skills for their success.  
  • We proudly teach Christian values, laying the groundwork to help children understand the basic teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • We create personalized development plans for each girl based on her interests, talent, and skills to maximize her success in professional careers, small business ownership, or trade excellence.
  • Like any family, everyone helps with daily chores.

We share meals, play together, learn together, and celebrate together – just like any loving family. Because we are a family.

MGRC house mother tutoring young Maasai girls at a long table.
A group picture of all the residents of Maasai Girls Rescue Center, an African Charity, in Tanzania