Maasai Girls to achieve their full potential
Breaking the cycle of poverty and oppression HOW YOU CAN HELP Changing lives, one girl at a time MEET THE GIRLS Empower a girl, transform a community READ RICK'S BLOG "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him."

Psalms 127:3

Maasai Girls Rescue Center is a grassroots organization dedicated to helping the disadvantaged Maasai girls of northern Tanzania.



An extraordinary journey to a sustainable future

An extraordinary journey to a sustainable future

 An extraordinary journey to a sustainable future 52 girls. 14 adults. 6 cows. 70 mattresses and 30 bunkbeds. Furniture, hundreds of boxes of clothing, kitchen…

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Guest Post: Threads of Hope – Dresses for the Girls at MGRC

Guest Post: Threads of Hope – Dresses for the Girls at MGRC

Threads of Hope - Dresses for the Girls at MGRC If you regularly check out the MGRC Facebook page and…

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Send with Love

Send with Love

Send with Love! Ahead of Valentine’s Day, send a note of encouragement to a MGRC girl. Click here to send your message.…

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maasai girls sponsorships

Sponsor a Girl
Each week, MGRC is forced to turn away girls who are in desperate need due to limited resources. There are no safety nets for Maasai girls, they find their way to MGRC because they have no other place to go. The direct costs for taking care of a girl is about $2,160 a year. Sponsors are asked to provide, as a minimum, the basic living, clothing and schooling costs of a child up until the age of 18.

maasai girls give today

Give Today
MGRC provides a safe haven for some of the most at-risk girls in the world, coming from one of the poorest districts in Tanzania. Maasai girls face severe challenges to stay in school and build a better life. When Maasai girls attend secondary and post-secondary schools, they break their cycle of poverty and abuse. It means they can become independent with a vocational course of action or proceed onto higher education. Your donation will give a Maasai girl choices for the first time in her life.

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THE NEED: Break the cycle of poverty and oppression. The Maasai tribe face starvation and desperation on a daily basis, this extreme poverty has led to an oppressive cultural norm for females – of all ages – in the tribe. These young girls are married off to much older men, who have multiple wives, in exchange for a one time payment. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) make the girls more “valuable” while education does not. These child brides are forced to birth as many children as possible, regardless of their ability to care for them.

WHAT WE DO: Maasai Girls Rescue Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for the most at-risk Maasai girls who are orphaned and/or living in abusive conditions in Tanzania. MGRC adopts the girls and provides housing, food, education, and full access to medical care. They receive housing and critical life skills that can radically alter the course of their lives and the future culture of their tribe.