Experience a meaningful stay at the ecoLodge, a social enterprise that supports the Maasai Girls Rescue Center

The ecoLodge at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center is not just another accommodation option. It is a destination with a purpose – empowering Maasai girls through education and financial independence. We strongly believe that every girl should have the chance to flourish, which is why our mission is both simple and impactful: To establish a sustainable and profitable ecoLodge that financially supports all the endeavors of the Maasai Girls Rescue Center, ensuring a brighter future for these exceptional young women.

Staying at the ecoLodge offers more than just a vacation; it is an opportunity to contribute to something meaningful. Immerse yourself in the heart of Africa while making a positive impact. Join us in our mission to empower Maasai girls, preserve the environment, and celebrate Maasai culture.

Building a sustainable village in Africa

Building a village in Africa on schedule and under budget is rare. Our track record includes construction projects and establishing a scalable organization that delivers results.

Flourishing ecoFarm

The ecoFarm was the first endeavor to building a sustainable enterprise.

On a barren piece of land we purchased in the culturally rich area of Karatu, we built a thriving farm that today produces $4 dollar’s worth of food for every $1 invested.

Along the way, we lost all our cows to disease, crops to drought, and paid dearly for adequate water for the girls’ wellbeing. But we learned, tried new methods, experimented with new crops and we persevered.

Today, the farm produces 100 % of fruits and vegetables and most of the protein needed for over 70 girls and staff.

Campus Infrastructure – on time and under budget

Once the farm was operating and supplying food for the girls, we focused on infrastructure.  In under three years, we built a multipurpose center, homes for the girls, a playground and a modern sport field. We secured dependable water supply, and we landscaped areas and planted trees to minimize erosion.

These projects were not without challenges and problems.  Contractor issues, weather delays, supply shortages to name a few. But we adjusted our designs and found better partners.

The business systems we implemented ensured we maintained focus, so we completed projects on time and under budget.

Recognized for sustainable strategy and individual focus on girls’ future

The regional government recognized MGRC for its sustainable strategy and individual focus on each girl. Unlike other charities, MGRC improves all aspects of the organization through processes and systems. It is run by entrepreneurs and business leaders with a business-oriented mindset to address issues efficiently.

MGRC provides personalized plans for each child to explore different professions such as cooking, baking, sewing, farming, computer skills, and business. At 18, they can attend vocational schools to prepare for employment and independence. Early participants have already achieved success.

We aim to transition from a charity to a self-sustaining social enterprise by establishing an ecoLodge for tourists. This initiative will support girls in need while promoting sustainability and reducing dependency.

A phased approach to financial independency

Building Relations and Launching Cultural Entertainment Programs

Objective: to build relationships with safari companies, travel agencies, and safari drivers in the first phase. This phase includes hosting guests at MGRC for weekly Maasai cultural entertainment programs. Additionally, the center will finalize building plans, cost estimates, and permits for constructing their ecoVillage.

Status: In progress. Established connections with various Safari companies and independent Safari Drivers. Created Maasai Cultural entertainment program with local Maasai entertainment company, featuring our girls singing and performing. Architectural and construction plans and budgets undergoing final review with construction company. Construction site cleared and permits in approval process.

Funding and establishing an operational ecoLodge

Objective: In the second phase, MGRC will focus on constructing and managing the main ecoLodge facilities, including a registration area, lobby, restaurant featuring ecoFarm cuisine, and a gift shop.

Status: 40% of budgeted funds raised, aiming to complete fundraising by January 2024. Construction slated for late January or February 2024.

Expanding ecoLodge Capacity and Sustainability

Objective: The third phase includes constructing the remaining six villas at the ecoLodge to increase its capacity. This expansion will allow MGRC to cover all operating expenses with the lodge’s profits.

Status: Architectural and construction plans and budgets are being reviewed before starting construction. Construction will begin when the ecoLodge is operational and sufficient funding is available.