Elevate your travel experience with an enriching stay at MGRC ecoLodge, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the Maasai Girls Rescue Center.

The ecoLodge at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center is not just another accommodation option. It is a destination with a purpose – empowering Maasai girls through education and financial independence.

We believe every girl deserves the opportunity to succeed. Our mission is to create an ecoLodge that supports the Maasai Girls Rescue Center, securing a brighter future for these exceptional young women.

Staying at the ecoLodge offers more than just a vacation; it is an opportunity to contribute to something purposeful. Immerse yourself in the heart of Africa while making a positive impact. Join us in our mission to empower Maasai girls, preserve the environment, and celebrate Maasai culture.

We believe every girl deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Discover how the ecoLodge plays a vital role in supporting the financial stability, growth, and well-being of girls at MGRC,

An immersive, purposeful travel experience in a sustainable community

Experience Maasai traditions

MGRC ecoVillage will organize workshops, storytelling sessions, and traditional ceremonies to engage guests with residents and staff of MGRC to foster cultural exchange with guests. 

During your stay you will:

  • See how Maasai people live in bomas or family compounds.
  • Tour our Vocational Training facility, teaching financial independence for our girls.
  • Enjoy traditional Maasai dancing and singing.
  • Watch traditional spear making and bead work. 
  • Immerse in Maasai cultural narratives with knowledgeable Maasai guides.
Maasai girls at their boma
interns learning to cook

An innovative approach

Experience a blend of Maasai traditions and modern practices. The ecoLodge offers eco-friendly lodging options, including Maasai-style villas made from sustainable materials.

  • Western-style lodging surrounded by the natural African landscape.
  • Farm-to-table delicious meals prepared by top chefs with food from our ecoFarm.
  • By staying with us, you support the Maasai Girls Rescue Center.

See sustainability practices at work

  • 3-acre working ecoFarm that can feed 90 people.
  • Modern ecofarming techniques in action.
  • ecoHomes for the girls and house mothers are built sustainably with local materials.
  • Technology to expand the girls’ knowledge of the world beyond Tanzania.
A sprawling view of MGRC ecoFarm in Tanzania Africa

Don’t miss out! Be among the first to stay at MGRC ecoLodge

  • Experience eco-friendly lodging at the highly anticipated MGRC ecoLodge, opening Fall 2025.
  • Our ecoLodge offers a personalized experience unlike any other.
  • Join our waitlist for priority access to booking.

arial image of the ecoVillage and ecoFarm
Maasai showing how to build a traditional shield
hydroponics fodder system
Purposeful travel experience featuring traditional Maasai dancing and singing
Safari tour in Tanzania
Traditional Maasai bead work for neck wear
A rendering of an interior view of a villa at MGRC ecoLodge in Tanzania Africa
Young Maasai girl wearing a traditional shuka at MGRC ecoFarm
Elephants crossing road during a safari tour in Tanzania

Frequently asked questions

What sets the ecoLodge at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center apart from all the other lodges in the area?

Guest will experience world class farm-to-table dining, modern accommodations in beautiful surroundings, and immerse themselves in the Maasai culture. They will also enjoy a unique and wonderful experience exclusive to the ecoLodge. Guests will experience the joy of giving back because the ecoLodge is not just another accommodation option.

A destination with a purpose.

Purposeful travel experience: you can feel good about their stay knowing that it supports the Maasai Girls Rescue Center and helps provide a brighter future for young Maasai women.

Is the cost of my stay at MGRC ecoLodge tax deductible?

MGRC ecoLodge at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center is a separate, for-profit organization but is connected to the Maasai Girls Rescue Center. The ecoLodge will generate enough funds to cover MGRC’s daily costs and create a sustainable income while offering guests an incredible eco-holiday experience.

The ecoLodge is a for-profit organization.

The cost of your stay is not considered a donation and therefore is not tax deductible. Guests at the ecoLodge not only have a unique and incredible experience, but also get the opportunity to learn about the Maasai culture, meet girls from the community, and support their welfare through the lodge’s profits.

Will the ecoLodge be managed by MGRC staff and vocational students?

The ecoLodge will be managed and staffed by local and regional talent. The lodge will provide valuable experience for the MGRC girls who are pursuing a career in the hospitality field.

After successful internships, vocational students at the lodge may be offered full-time employment. The lodge also aims to provide employment opportunities for residents of MGRC who face physical, mental, or emotional challenges. It is important to us that every girl recognizes her self-worth and contributes according to her abilities. Key management and staff positions will be filled based on talent, experience, and expertise.