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The MGRC sponsorship program offers supporters the opportunity to sponsor an individual girl or multiple girls. When you sponsor a girl, you’re not only helping her grow and learn but are providing financial support for basic living expenses, medical care, clothing and education.

Your financial support covers the direct costs of caring for an individual girl. We understand not everyone can afford the annual cost of a sponsorship – with a monthly support, you’ll continue to get updates on how your sponsorship is making an incredible difference.

image composit of maria before and after rescuing

We currently have  several rescued girls seeking sponsors and invite you to make a positive difference in a girl’s life. You will receive photos and information about your child, annual updates and ongoing communications highlighting the impact of your sponsorship and in the community. You will receive a personalized online account where updated photos, videos and information about your child will be shared to keep you engaged. As part of our education process, you will receive a letter/email from your child, and we highly encourage to continue a communication exchange with her.  All communications with the child will be monitored by MGRC.

Your sponsored girl will receive a brighter future, thanks to you!

Costs are subject to change due to possible seasonal economic fluctuations. We will keep you updated to any changes.