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How the ecoLodge supports the growth and well-being of the girls

A successful ecoLodge is not only essential for the financial stability of the girls currently residing at MGRC, but it also guarantees that MGRC can continue to support a greater number of girls in the future. However, in addition to financial security, a thriving ecoLodge will have numerous other positive impacts on the lives of these girls. 

It will give many of the girls their very first job.  Everyone remembers their first part-time job, whether it was at a fast food place, pumping gas (for those of us old enough to remember this), babysitting, or mowing lawns. The ecoLodge offers similar opportunities for the girls to work as housekeepers, assistants to cooks, groundskeepers, or office support. These jobs help build confidence, social skills, and responsibility, just like our first jobs did.

It offers a crucial opportunity for girls who are unable to financially support themselves.  Girls who have extremely traumatic emotional scars, born with physical handicaps or struggle with mental issues still need to know they can contribute to the community. Having a meaningful job is crucial for them, since there are no halfway houses or assisted living organizations in Tanzania, a thriving ecoLodge provides them with a chance to contribute and find purpose.

It provides a career path in hospitality for achieving financial independence. What better way for the girls to learn the inner workings of the business, and gain practical experience in the hospitality industry? It’s similar to those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in a family business. Whether they decided to continue with the family business or explore their own paths, the knowledge and experiences they gained would greatly impacted their lives.

Volunteers, sponsors and donors will always be needed. Your support is vital for the growth and well-being of the girls, and a thriving ecoLodge enables us to extend our assistance to even more girls in a variety of ways.


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    Dan M says

    It’s amazing to be involved with a charity that thinks so much about the Long Term, and plans for Sustainability. Wonderful!

  2. REPLY
    Gary Savage says

    A wonderful vision! SInce the ecoLodge clients will tend to be people with money, perhaps this may be another way to attract donors, once they see the amazing work being done at MGRC and the impact it has on the lives of these girls.

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