Jesca Msofe has been serving as the Senior Social Worker at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center for two and a half years. She joined the center immediately after completing her three-year degree in Social Work from the University of Dar es Salaam. This opportunity was a dream come true for Jesca, as she has always had a strong passion for working with vulnerable communities, particularly young girls.

Working at MGRC has been an enlightening experience for Jesca. It has shown her that empowering individuals with opportunities they have never had before can truly transform their lives. The girls who come to the center often have no educational background and only speak their native Maasai language. However, with time and guidance, they have made remarkable progress in learning Swahili and English. This experience has highlighted the importance of effective communication and active listening in addressing the girls’ needs and daily challenges.

Jesca finds immense fulfillment in her work because it allows her to apply her skills directly to improving people’s lives. Witnessing the girls’ continuous growth and development fills her with gratitude and a sense of luck. Each time she sees them making strides forward, Jesca knows that she is making a meaningful difference in their lives.