Make contributions toward resources we need on a regular basis.

When you choose a gift, you are contributing to the Maasai Girls Rescue Center. Our commitment is to utilize your donation in order to provide every MGRC girl with the greatest opportunity for achievement. Each item in the gift giving catalog symbolizes the resources, services, or assistance for programs offered by the Maasai Girls Rescue Center, and these offerings may be subject to modifications based on environmental, programmatic, and economic factors.
100% of all donations goes directly to the care of the girls!

Support is urgently needed for unsponsored girls. This fund will help us cover the financial costs for these girls to reside at MGRC. Make a contribution without any obligations.

Help us sustain our monthly birthdays initiative for 6-8 girls. We provide them with birthday cakes, gifts, and, if possible, a shopping spree at the local market.

A girl who receives an education has a higher probability of evading early marriage and childbirth, be able to offer improved nutrition and support to her family in the future.

Our girls, like most children, eventually outgrow or wear out their play clothes, dresses, school uniforms, and shoes.

Getting a child started with bike riding at a young age is beneficial in developing lifelong exercise habits.

Our initiatives in water and agriculture are designed to enhance health, sanitation, and the development of crucial skills for sustaining life.