Mariam Hemed Almasi has a degree in Community Economic Development from Moshi University. Currently, she works at MGRC as an Administrator/Finance for approximately one and a half years, where she applies her expertise to assist vulnerable girls. Her professional journey began in 2013 at Smile Communication Tanzania Ltd, where she worked in Sales and Marketing. After completing her university education, Mariam interned at Mkombozi for street children for one year. During this time, she focused on counseling street children and raising awareness about suitable career paths based on their abilities.

Working with the girls at MGRC, who have come from difficult backgrounds such as forced marriages, has reinforced Mariam’s belief that although one cannot change the past and start anew, anyone can begin now and create a new ending. Witnessing the progress that the girls have made since joining MGRC fills her with happiness and pride. Reflecting on their journey from where they started to where they are now is truly remarkable.

Mariam considers it a tremendous opportunity to utilize her knowledge and contribute to helping vulnerable girls. She is thrilled to be part of the team at MGRC.