Randall (Randy) Freeman joined Allen-Bradly/Rockwell Automation out of university and didn’t leave for 35 years. Educated as an engineer, his career started in technical sales and progressed to global marketing and sales leadership using specialty sales resources to penetrate new markets. He retired in 2008 as vice president, global industry solutions.

Retirement brought the opportunity to get involved in his Catholic parish in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where he serves as the trustee treasurer. His church has a partnership with a Catholic parish in Piura, Peru. Since 2013, Randy has gone on annual mission trips to Piura, working with a team there to help poor families. Sponsored church programs include a rice co-op with microloans; a family-to-family sponsorship program for food; and a trade school that teaches a broad array of skills ranging from construction to computer programming to nursing. Randy was drawn to work with MGRC because of its similar mission to extend a hand up. “Young women, armed with knowledge and self-confidence, can do more to advance a culture than any other group,” Randy said.