Building a sustainable village in Africa

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to the care of the girls.

The MGRC ecoVillage aims to establish a sustainable ecoLodge in Karatu Tanzania. The lodge will serve as a revenue-generating social enterprise. All after tax profits will be used to fund expenses of the Maasai Girls Rescue Center ensuring the center’s future. The ecoLodge will provide so many direct benefits not just for our girls right now, but for generations to come. It will offer to international tourists a unique well-appointed and eco-friendly accommodations while showcasing the beautiful views of Africa’s Rift Valley, and unique Maasai traditions.

Building a village in Africa on schedule and under budget is rare. We have a proven track record of completing construction projects and establishing an efficient organization that delivers results.

Flourishing ecoFarm

The ecoFarm was the first endeavor to building a sustainable enterprise.

We turned a barren piece of land in Karatu into a thriving farm, producing $4 worth of food for every $1 invested. Despite challenges like the pandemic, disease, drought, and water costs, we persevered and now the farm provides all the fruits, vegetables, and most of the protein for over 70 girls and staff of 22 daily.

Campus Infrastructure – on time and under budget

Once the farm was operational and providing food for the girls, we prioritized infrastructure.

In less than three years, we constructed a multipurpose center, homes for the girls, a playground, and a modern sports field. We also obtained a reliable water supply and implemented landscaping measures to prevent erosion.

Despite challenges such as contractor problems, weather delays, and supply shortages, we adapted our plans and found more suitable partners. Our efficient business systems allowed us to remain focused, resulting in projects being completed on schedule and within budget.

Recognized for sustainable strategy and individual focus on girls’ future

The regional government recognized MGRC for its sustainable strategy and individual focus on each girl. Unlike many other charities, MGRC improves all aspects of the organization through processes and systems. It is run by entrepreneurs and business leaders with a business-oriented mindset to fully address issues efficiently.

MGRC provides personalized plans for each child to explore different professions such as cooking, baking, sewing, farming, computer skills, and business. At 18, they can attend vocational schools to prepare for employment and independence. Early participants have already achieved success.

The aim is to become a self-sustaining social enterprise by establishing an ecoLodge for tourists. This initiative will support girls in need while promoting sustainability and reducing dependency.

ecoLodge mission and vision

Mission: The MGRC ecoVillage aims to establish a sustainable and profitable ecoLodge in Karatu Tanzania. The lodge will serve as a revenue-generating social enterprise. All the after-tax profits will be donated to fund activities and expenses of the Maasai Girls Rescue Center, reducing dependances on donations.

Vision: To provide a world-class hospitality experience leveraging “Impact Tourism”, showcasing the Maasai culture, supporting local community, and provide shelter and development of at-risk Maasai girls. 

Market Analysis

Target Market

The ecoLodge will primarily target international tourists who value giving back to the community seeking authentic cultural experiences and sustainable accommodations when visiting Tanzanian parks.

Competitive Advantage

The ecoLodge will differentiate itself by giving back all the after tax profits to supporting local the needs of at-risk Maasai girls at Maasai Girls Rescue Center.

Products and Services

 The ecoLodge will provide a range of eco-friendly lodging options, including traditional Maasai style villas, designed with sustainable materials.

Guests will be offered cuisine prepared with 100% of ingredients harvested on MGRC’s ecoFarm, promoting sustainable modern farming. 

The ecoVillage will organize workshops, storytelling sessions, and traditional ceremonies to engage guests with residents and staff of MGRC to foster cultural exchange with guests. 

Financial Projections

Revenue Streams

The ecoLodge’s revenue will primarily come from accommodations, dining, cultural experiences, and event hosting.

Cost Structure

Operational ecoLodge costs, staff salaries, maintenance expenses, and community development initiatives are included.


With careful financial planning and effective marketing strategies, the ecoLodge aims to generate a net profit of $165,000 within two years, covering all the expenses of the Maasai Girls Rescue Center.

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Bruce Hammond