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Get back to where you once belonged

Get back to where you once belongedGuest post by Makayla Henwood 

Two years ago, I had the life-changing experience of volunteering at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center, which was founded by my grandfather, Rick Morro. 

Now I get to go back! 

I graduate this month from Apache Junction High School east of Phoenix, Arizona. Next month I get on a plane with my best friends Madonna Packer and Britney Davis and fly across the world to Tanzania. 

My grandfather will pick us up and take us to the center in Karatu, which is near some spectacular scenery that draws wealthy tourists on safari.

It also is the land of the Maasai people. They are poor. The girls who are brought to live at the center come from bad, abusive situations. My grandfather helps get them out of it. He makes them go to school and have a better future. He gave up his comfortable life in Scottsdale to take care of the girls. He says he’s more fulfilled than he’s ever been. 

Since visiting there two years ago, I understand what he means. I saw girls who had so little, smiling, playing and being happy. It made me understand that all the things I thought I needed are not what makes you happy. Giving makes you happier than receiving. 

This summer I’ll get to hang out with the girls, help them with schoolwork, talk to them about the possibilities in life they may not know. We’ll play games and sports and sing songs. My grandfather says it is important for the Maasai girls to understand that they can do whatever they want to do in life. But getting there takes commitment and hard work.  

Volunteering in Tanzania inspires me to be a better person every day. 

Get back to where you once belonged


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    Susan See says

    Makayla you are an inspiring, generous, thoughtful young woman. The girls are fortunate you will be there this summer to help them, teach them, play with them and be an amazing role model. Your grandfather is so proud of you. Thank you volunteering and inspiring others to join you!

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