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Three Weeks until I visit my family

I am in Arusha today so I thought I would take advantage of faster internet and send another note.

The drought continues. People are working hard to keep their livestock upright but the real need is for rain. The local bore holes are rationing their water as the wells are running low. Everyone says rain is on the way. We hope so.

I have been busy working with the local widows setting up their constitution and business plan. They are working hard and already have several customers for their bead projects. It is encouraging that they are pushing for more beads and finding their own markets. The added income all help feed their families, especially during these hard times.

Our proposal for the water project has been submitted and we should hear from them in the next two weeks. If this project is funded it will provide relief for some of the people in our area affected by the dry seasons.

I am also working on getting the water project at our boma. We now have a water source and only need to finalize a contract with our neighbors and purchase the equipment. If all goes well we will have water when I return in April.

My trip is only three weeks away and i am really looking forward to seeing my family and getting a real hot shower. It’s funny the things you miss.

All for now,



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    lsmith says

    I am praying for the work that you are doing with God’s people. What a gift you are giving. When you are home in March, I would love to just spend 10 minutes with you to hear more of this journey that you are on.

    Praying for your health and that you will always be in the middle of God’s will for your life. Praying for safe journey to visit your family and friends.

    JoAnn Adams

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      lsmith says

      JOAnn I arrive in Arizona on March 3 and return to Tanzania April 1. I would be happy to where what I am doing in Tanzania. Let me know the best way to contact you when I return and I will do so.

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