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Meet Elisante Loi Laizer, MGRC’s new on-site manager!

Meet Elisante

I have been working on finding the right person for this position for quite some time and it hasn’t been easy. This new position would include handing off management of the staff which, as you may know, would be one of the hardest things for me to let go. But by doing so, it would free up time for me to focus on our long-term and strategic plans, a decision the MGRC boards backed.

I have known Elisante for a long time. He has volunteered at MGRC for the past four years and has extensive management experience from running a local hotel. He also has a thorough understanding of local government regulations. Nuruel, his wife of seven years, is an educated woman who works as a school tutor. I believe Elisante, his wife, and their two children will be wonderful role models for our girls. 

I pulled together some highlights from his interview with the MGRC board…

Q. How did you meet Rick?

A. I first met Rick in 2016 when he stayed at the hotel I was managing in Arusha. He would come in often when he was in town to pick up supplies and necessities for the center. We got to know each other because he would ask my advice on lining up services and wholesale supplies. Being in the hotel industry, I had a lot of connections that helped Rick get things done more cost effectively and efficiently.

Q. What have you learned from your career in hotel management that you think could apply at MGRC? 

A. I have seven years of experience managing people as a hotel manager. I also have financial management experience, preparing an annual budget and making sure the company operates profitably. I regularly perform technical and mechanical duties as well. 

Q. Why do you want to work for MGRC? 

A. I first started volunteering for MGRC because I was very interested in the work that Rick was doing to help girls of my tribe. As manager of the center, I will be able to help Rick solve the growing challenges facing him in day-to-day operations. We share the same vision, and together, I believe we will be able to make a very strong impact in our mission. 

Even though Elisante has been with us since before we made our big move from Longido to Karatu, I can definitively say, we couldn’t be where we are now in this transition without him. He brings energy and cultural knowledge, an ability to navigate complex government systems, and the skill of building relationships with our local government, community and schools. This is a very exciting time, and I’m looking forward to everything we will accomplish together. 

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