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Why volunteering is important to the girls of MGRC

Volunteering is a chance for you to give back to the world. When you volunteer for the rescued girls at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center, you open an entirely new world to them. You will have a huge impact on the girls’ attitudes and their future.

When volunteering at the MGRC, you are building a relationship with the Maasai girls at the center – not physically building the ecoVillage. We ask for volunteers to stay a couple of weeks or more at a time to get close with the girls so you and they can talk and interact with each other comfortably.

Makayla, my granddaughter, hanging out last summer while on school break.
Volunteers interacting with the girls. The girls still ask when they are coming back!
Joel, a long time friend and MGRC sponsor, visiting the rescue center.

What we want you to do as a volunteer is to share your culture with the girls at MGRC to help open their minds to a chance of a brighter future and to let them know that they have the capability of breaking free from cultural norms, poverty and oppression. When you come to the rescue center, you are bringing them hope and opportunity for a better tomorrow.

When you share your culture with the girls, it does not just have to be in the form of stories of your daily life in your home country or your plans and dreams for the future. You can help develop their minds through physical activities, such as teaching them how to play a popular sport like volleyball in the center’s playground, or teaching them how to speak English through conversation at our learning center.

What we want for the girls at the center is for them to understand that they are responsible for their own future and what they want to do with it, not anyone else. Learn more about volunteering at MGRC.

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