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The importance of birthdays at MGRC

The majority of the girls who arrive at MGRC are unaware of their date of birth. They lack birth certificates and have never had the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. Many of them were born in their bomas, enduring the challenging environment in which they entered the world. To determine their ages, we rely on conversations with their parents, grandparents, and neighbors. Additionally, we have initiated the process of obtaining birth certificates for each girl residing at MGRC.

A special day to remember

We often overlook the significance of celebrating birthdays in our culture. However, for girls who have escaped forced marriage and other abuses, these celebrations play a crucial role in building self-esteem. The concept of having a special day dedicated just to them has had a remarkable impact on the girls.

We celebrate one party a month where girls with birthdays in the same month come together. We have cake, soda, and sweets, and all the girls sing together. A monthly calendar is posted with the girls’ birthdays, and we celebrate at the end of the month so each girl can look forward to her party. This helps them remember their birth dates, which they didn’t have a reason to do before coming here.

The importance of birthdays at MGRC

The importance of birthdays at MGRC: How you can help by dedicating your birthday

Some of our supporters have been dedicating their birthday to us through birthday fundraisers on Facebook, and it has been such a nice and humbling suprise! As one person put it:

I’m dedicating my birthday this year to the birthdays of the 36 girls at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center who could really use the encouragement. Let’s help make their new birthdays unforgettable!”

You can also contribute to our monthly birthday celebration fund.

Our Promise

We use 100% of public donations for the care of rescued girls. The MGRC management team: founder, president, board of directors, angel donors, and fundraising committee, are all unpaid volunteers. This support makes it possible for us to keep out promise: “that we will never use public donations to pay for our administration or fundraising expenses.”

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