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Guest post: How volunteering at MGRC impacted my daily life

MGRC’s founder, Rick Morro’s 16 year old granddaughter spent two unforgettable weeks volunteering at MGRC. These are her words on how the experience has changed her life.

Now that I am home in Arizona and back to my usual routine of living a blessed life, I cannot stop thinking about the girls I was staying with at the Maasai Girls Rescue Center in Tanzania. I feel a constant pull to help the girls and other people I met while visiting my grandfather. I saw the kind of hunger I never really knew existed except in stories. I saw people with so little that it made me cry.

Happiness isn’t what I thought

I really miss being in back at the MGRC center. I especially miss seeing all the smiling faces and playing with the girls. The experience has changed my life. I saw girls who had so little smiling, playing and being happy. It made me understand that all the things I thought I needed were not what makes you happy. It is makes me understand how selfish we are and that giving makes you happier than receiving.

Answering the call to help

I have been considering using the funds from my small part time job after school and on weekends to sponsor a girl. I cannot afford a full sponsorship but want to at least do a partial sponsorship. My grandfather wants me to pray about it, because he says it is a long-term commitment.

This trip made me realize how much my grandfather cares about helping the poor. I never really understood why he sold his nice house in Arizona and moved to Africa.

I now understand how difficult the Maasai people’s lives are. I am thinking and praying about taking a gap year after graduating high school and I begin college. I want to spend it in Tanzania helping my grandfather run the MGRC Center.

I plan on trying my best to raise money for my grandfather’s charity. I am not sure what type of fundraisers I might do but I am talking to my friends and sharing ideas. I am sure some of my friends will help. I am also saving my money to return next year, maybe with some of my friends. Once I told them about my trip, they started asking their parents if they could go. I think once my friends see the difficult lives these girls have, they will want to help also.


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