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Meet the newest team members at MGRC ecoVillage

new MGRC ecoVillage team members

MGRC was founded by one person with a vision but has since grown with the support of generous contributors, sponsors, and local residents. The organization has formed strong connections with the community and talented individuals from Tanzania who share its principles. Today, the entire MGRC enterprise is managed by these Tanzanians, with Rick Morro in an advisory role.

MGRC continues to grow, and we are pleased to welcome our new team members.


Headshot of Beatrice, Social Worker

Beatrice Cosmas, a Social Worker, joined MGRC in February of 2024. She is a graduate of the Social Work Institute in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Previously, she worked at Amani Rescue Center, Help Tanzanian Girls Rescue Center and was a youth development officer at Regional Administration Secretariat.

At MGRC, Beatrice’s focus is education. She makes sure the girls get to school on time, follow their daily school routine and acts as a liaison between MGRC and the schools that the girls attend. Currently, she is working on mathematics with class seven girls, preparing them for the exams that determine if they go on to secondary school.

Beatrice is happy to be part of the MGRC family, fulfilling her dream to make an impact in the lives of Tanzanian girls.


Headshot of Ernest, Financial Manager

Ernest Saitabau joined MGRC at the end of 2023 as the Financial Manager. He has a diploma in Accounting from the College of Business Education in Dar-es-Salam. Previously, he worked as an accountant at Wild Rover Lodge and Hot Spring Primary School. He has a proven track record in accounting and financial management, budgetary management, financial reporting and risk management.

At MGRC, Ernest is responsible for preparing a budget, forecasting and producing financial reports. He is fluent in English, Swahili and Maa (Maasai language), which is a great help at the center as we transition the girls from only speaking Maa, to fluency in Swahili and English. Ernest enjoys sports, and has taught the girls how to play football (soccer) and netball (basketball). He coaches our girls’ soccer team that we plan to have compete with other local groups.

Ernest is proud to be among the workers of MGRC where he enjoys the pleasant working environment and teamwork with fellow team members.


Headshot of Gabriel, Assistant Manager

Gabriel Olodi joined MGRC as an Assistant Manager in April 2024. He has a bachelor’s degree in music education from Tumaini University, as well as a diploma in performing arts from TASUBA. He worked as a research coordinator on traditional African education in northern Tanzania, focusing on the Maasai, at Tumaini University.

As the Assistant Manager at MGRC, Gabriel assists in the daily management and operations of the center. He manages the daily farm operations including controlling costs, hiring and training new farm workers and organizing their schedules. He also coordinates various programs aimed at the physical, emotional and educational well-being of the girls.

Gabriel is proud to be among the wonderful team members of MGRC.


Headshot of Janeth, social worker

Janeth Samweli joined MGRC as a Social Worker in December 2023. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and social work. While earning her degree she served as an intern at several places including: Huruma hospital, The Network Against Female Genital Mutilation (NAFGEM) and Moshi Christian Center. Upon graduation she volunteered at the Rombo Disabled Group.

At MGRC, Janeth spends most of her time guiding and counseling the girls. This includes everything from dealing with past traumas to matters of daily life such as personal hygeine, time management and money management. She focuses on helping the girls develop responsibility for their own lives. Janeth also supervises our Bible Study program, making sure girls are not only learning the word of God, but understanding how it applies to their lives.

She is a hard worker and is passionate about making a positive impact on the life of each girl at MGRC.


Headshot of Renatha, HR Manager

Renatha Dominic joined MGRC in January 2024 as a Human Resources Officer, and Teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in education. She has worked as an office administrator, a matron and a primary school teacher. She also has experience as a small scale entrepreneur.

Renatha is responsible for recruiting and training new employees, as well as conducting performance reviews. She conducts one-hour English classes Monday through Friday for staff members. She also helps the girls with their homework, encouraging them to set and reach educational goals.

Renatha is a hard worker and prides herself in transparency, attention to detail and creative problem solving. She is excited to be a part of MGRC because her dream is to make a positive impact in the world by helping girls achieve their goals.


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    What a lovely and fantastic addition to your staff. They all look like beautiful people wanting to make a difference!!

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