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Neema’s story – A holiday reflection

Neema in the kitchen

As Christmas approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on stories that remind us of the power of love, compassion, and the incredible impact a single act of kindness can have on someone’s life. One such story is that of Neema, an 18-year-old girl who came to MGRC in 2021.

Neema’s history is heartbreaking

Born into poverty with epilepsy and a foot deformity, she was deemed worthless in Maasai culture. Frequent seizures near open fires left her with burns over a large part of her body. She was abandoned by her father, beaten by her mother and forced to work for members of her community who abused her, often in the worst way.

When she was found by an aid organization, she was severely malnourished, covered in burns, with a deep infection in her ankle joint. She was taken to the hospital where her infection was treated and she received skin grafts for her burns. She was then brought to MGRC to continue her physical healing, while also beginning to heal the deep emotional wounds inflicted by a life of abuse and neglect.

In addition to her physical challenges, Neema struggles with an intellectual disability. Despite this, she has learned Swahili and some English.

Neema smiling at the lunch table

Neema is a sweet girl. She enjoys volunteering in the kitchen and being involved in the organization. However, when her medication wasn’t monitored properly in her village, she experienced isolation, solitude, and became vulnerable to mistreatment. At MGRC, she has found purpose in the kitchen, contributing, and gaining a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Success in rescue and development

We’ve succeeded in rescuing and developing Neema to her potential, but now we have to think about her future. With her disabilities, she will struggle to find employment or sustain herself. She needs someone who is responsible to manage her medications daily. Our strategy is to treat her as one of our own daughters. She will stay with us and work at the ecoLodge.

The ecoLodge is more than a business. It’s a lifeline for girls like Neema who face disabilities or emotional scars. It will give them a chance to contribute to society and find purpose in their lives. Neema’s story is a testament to the tangible results of MGRC’s mission to rescue and transform the lives of at-risk Maasai girls.

Neema’s future is no longer bleak

She had found a home, a purpose, and a family at MGRC, and the ecoLodge offers hope. Neema’s history may be heartbreaking, but her future is bright.

To help make the ecoLodge a reality for Neema and all the girls of MGRC, please donate to our Holiday Campaign.


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    Sharon Berg says

    I praise the Lord that you have thought ahead for Neema and that she will continue to have a home! God has a special place in His heart for Neema—and for you!!!
    Hope your Christmas is a real blessing! Howie and Sharon Berg

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