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Preparing for the Trip Back to the States

I am in Arusha making final preparations for my trip back home. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with an NGO in Arusha that takes at risk babies and cares for them until they can find suitable parents to adopt them. The organization is called Neema House (Arusha). I strongly recommend visiting their website to discover the incredible work they are undertaking. By focusing specifically on the section dedicated to children, I can assure you that you will be deeply touched and inspired to support their efforts in providing care for these invaluable young ones.

I am not affiliated with their group, and I have not requested any donations for my NGO as we are striving to establish a self-sustaining organization. Neema House is currently constructing their own facility and is currently in need of financial assistance for a bore hole. As I have previously mentioned, water is essential, particularly in Tanzania. I sincerely hope that anyone who comes across this will be willing to lend a hand.

I met the remarkable couple who have dedicated their lives to helping children in need. At 72 years old, they selflessly give their own money to provide for these children, surpassing the amount they receive from donors. Having personally visited them, I can vouch for their authenticity and passion. Their website, although informative, fails to fully capture the love and attention each child receives at their facility. The environment is clean, and the babies are well-nourished and healthy. The staff provides personalized care with an abundance of love. To truly understand the impact they are making, I encourage you to visit their website and witness firsthand the incredible work they are doing in Tanzania.

I struggle with fundraising because my pride often prevents me from asking for assistance. However, I can’t help but consider the possibility that some of the people in my life might be willing to support them.

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