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A story of inspiration and success in vocational training

Yeyolai with Viola at the ecoFarm

Celebrating Yeyolai

There are certain moments that stand out from the rest, and today, we are celebrating one of those milestones. Yeyolai, our inaugural graduate, has successfully reached the end of her journey with us, fearlessly stepping into a future that once appeared out of reach. Her story goes beyond an individual accomplishment; it represents a significant moment that captures the true essence of our mission and provides guidance for every young girl under our care.

an inspiring portrait of Yeyolai sitting in front of the ecoFarm
 Yeyolai in the kitchen receiving vocational training at MGRC

Vocational training as a key strategy

Yeyolai faced adversity, escaping a forced marriage and struggling academically. We wanted to find a path that suited her strengths and aspirations. Yeyolai’s situation highlights a broader concern at the Center: the importance of preparing every young woman for life after graduation, not just academically but also with practical skills to succeed independently. Our mission is to give the girls the tools and knowledge they need to face real-world challenges and succeed on their own terms.

Embracing vocational training is a key strategy to address this concern, as mentioned in our previous blog post. At MGRC, we go beyond traditional education to prepare girls for life’s challenges. Yeyolai, despite her difficult background and early academic struggles, thrived when she found her passion in hospitality. This success confirms the effectiveness of our personalized educational approach.

Yeyolai serves as a source of inspiration

Yeyolai’s graduation is a significant achievement that represents our dedication to empowering young women. Her transformation from a survivor to a self-assured individual in the hospitality industry showcases the opportunities provided by MGRC. Her achievements guide and inspire fellow students. It highlights the impact of our mission and serves as a blueprint for others. We’re excited to see Yeyolai thrive in her new career, demonstrating how our support transforms challenges into success.


  1. REPLY
    Dave & Judy Clouse says

    Congratulations Yeyolai! Step out into this new phase of your life with joy and courage, knowing that your MGRC family and everyone that supports MGRC are cheering you on! God goes before you and with you!

  2. REPLY
    Joseph Vidmar says

    What great news Rick! I wondered what the next step would be for these lovely girls, with such hurdles to overcome. Congratulations, thank you for sharing.

  3. REPLY
    Sharon Berg says

    WOW! This is certainly a dream come true, Rick, and we cannot imagine what a thrill it is for you! We believe in your model and in each and every one of the girls. The lunch I had made by 2 of the girls when I visited was absolutely something I will always remember! But more than that I sensed such love among the girls and staff and saw the beginnings of the dream that is now near completion!! We both thank God for you following HIS calling in your “retirement” !!! Blessings, Howie and Sharon

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