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Life-changing trip reveals sustainable practices creating a brighter future

Guest post by: Greg Scheu

I just returned from a life-changing trip to Tanzania. This wasn’t my first trip to Africa. I had visited in past years, both with my previous multi-national employer, and with the U.S. Federal Government on U.S. to Africa trade missions. I had seen the beauty of the continent and its people. At the same time had seen the many challenges—poverty, disease, lack of electricity and clean water, corruption. I had often thought, why hadn’t previous attempts to help with charity, investments, and government programs had a greater impact? What can be done to make a more sustainable outcome?

As I said, it wasn’t my first trip to Africa, but it was my first visit to the Maasai Girls Rescue Center. After I retired from my full-time employer, I joined the MGRC Board. I became aware of MGRC’s work from my personal relationship with Rick Morro (Founder) and Bruce Hammond (Chairman U.S. Board). What convinced me to get involved was a combination of several factors:

  1. This U.S. 501-C3 charity puts 100% of its donations towards rescuing and raising Maasai tribe young girls ages 2-18.
  2. The girls are treated as daughters, with each girl receiving the support and help they need to flourish, become the best version of themselves and eventually self-supporting.
  3. The business model itself that is built on the premise of financial independence for the organization itself.

One of my favorite times during the visit was sitting with the girls and listening to their individual stories about how happy they are being at MGRC. When I asked what they liked the best…. it was often—going to school, English class, playing with the other girls after school, and singing during the traditional Maasai dances. Each night after dinner the girls loved to perform and show off their talents singing. It brought a huge smile to my face to listen to their voices. 

eating food prepared from our sustainable farm

Spending time with the MGRC team and the 68 girls we now have at the Center was amazing. Seeing them in a safe and secure environment, going to school, getting proper health care, learning life skills, doing chores, having access to social work counseling, studying the Bible, playing/singing/dancing with other MGRC girls, and most of all surrounded in love has been very special for me. What a difference MGRC is making in the lives of these girls!

Greg helping with serving a meal at MGRC in Tanzania
Greg helping with serving dinner to MGRC residents

A friend of mine recently told me that when you travel to Africa, you leave part of your heart there. It certainly has been true for me…I left part of mine at MGRC with the girls!


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    Eva mehta says

    What a wonderful experience Greg you had. While reading what you wrote felt as if I am visually the experience.
    What a wonderful work MGRC is doing to empower these beautiful souls best wishes and God bless all 🙏

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