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From Poverty and Despair to Hope and Independance

group shot of the mgrc girls and volunteers


One of our volunteers and long-time supporters, Cammy West, has just returned from the her 10th trip to Africa, and her 3rd visit to the Center in Tanzania. When Cammy isn’t working at her day job as a sales representative in the golf industry, she is focused on volunteering and helping others as time and finances allow.

She has always had a heart for Africa (and the Maasai people specifically), and has been involved with many African charity organizations for 15+ years before she came across MGRC. It was by chance that she crossed paths with Rick about 5 or 6 years ago in Arusha. Since then, God has kept opening doors in her life and connecting her to where she is needed the most.                                      

Q: What makes MGRC different from the other charities you’ve worked with?

A: I have seen a lot of great organizations and ministries that focus on helping the poor and education which is wonderful, however I love how MGRC is focused on teaching empowerment to the girls and offering vocational skills and other opportunities that will set each girl up for success in the future. MGRC is using an entrepreneurial approach, and what they’ve done with so little over the years has been amazing. They focused on more than feeding and housing the girls for right now so they can go to school, they’re working to make it sustainable.

Since they moved from their facility in Longito, they have built a state-of-the-art ecoFarm that not only provides food for the girls, it also creates an opportunity for learning a career in agriculture. The Career Center that is being built will also open all kinds of doors for learning important life business skills. The variety of sewing, hair, music, computers and farming are other skills each girl has the potential to learn to further add to their resume of skills and exposure. MGRC is focused on a type of education that they aren’t learning in school, and that is to be financially independent women.

MGRC is actually teaching the girls “how to fish” which will set them up for a lifetime. 

Q: What will it mean for the girls to have the house we are fundraising for?

A: I’ve seen these girls, I’ve seen where they come from. It’s hard to describe the level of poverty and despair. Most would not be alive and thriving today if it weren’t for being rescued by Rick and his organization. These girls have been abandoned or have run away, and have been living in a temporary facility all their lives. They have never had a real home.  

The girls are all so supportive of each other, no matter what the age, and they are all so joyful! MGRC is their family, and will be their family for life. This will be the first time in their lives they have not only a home, but hope and a chance for independence.

If you can find it in your hearts, please donate to help build the last two homes. 

– Cammy West. Scottsdale, AZ

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