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Hunting for Christmas

young girl holding a chritmas present

Blog series: Homes for the Holidays 

During the Holiday Season, several of our donors and volunteers are sharing some of their most impactful memories of the Season. If you are interested in contributing your memories, click here

Contributed by: Christy Bowersox, MGRC volunteer and sponsor 

When I think about Christmas I have so many wonderful family memories. We always hosted a Christmas party for our extended family. And the highlight of that party was when Santa would visit. I fully believed he was the real Santa for my entire childhood! In reality, he was a sweet man that my parents hired. We have wonderful photos of all of us growing up on Santa’s lap.

Of course, Christmas morning was the best part. I was an only child, and my parents quickly saw how fast opening presents went by. So, in order to prolong the fun, my parents started hiding my gifts. They would write clues that led me to my gifts. The older I got, the harder the clues became. I remember having a clue with an algebra problem when I was in high school.

I have carried on this tradition with my own children. We still have our own scavenger hunt every Christmas morning, even though my daughters are 17 and 20! There is nothing better than being with your family at Christmas.

Just as I want to create wonderful Christmas memories with my girls, I want the girls at MGRC to experience the joys of holiday celebrations and the simple pleasures of being at home surrounded by love. I’m so excited that this year the girls of MGRC are going to get a taste of being “home for the holidays. “Generous donations have allowed us to complete the multi-purpose center and three of the homes. But we need to raise enough capital to construct additional homes.  

If you are interested in helping ensure the girls have Homes for the Holidays, please click here.

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