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It is Good

it is good blog post

It is good yet challenging at times

My friend’s deaf son was a passenger on a motorcycle when it was run off the road into a deep ditch. There were three people on the motorcycle. The driver lost a foot, my friend’s son has a broken leg and the third escaped with cuts and bruises. I had driven my friend to the hospital to bring her son back to their house to recover. He needed to return to the hospital, about two hours away, twice since being released. It is very tiring for my friend and her family but that is life here. Her son is recovering nicely but will be in recovery for the next two to three months.

MGRC update

One of our two cows gave birth on 23 July. It was a bit unexpected as we were told she was inseminated on December 28. That should mean that the birth should be at the end of September or early October. It is difficult to get all the information or correct information here. I am not sure why but you take the good with the bad. The good news is mother and calf are doing fine. The mother is producing over 10 litres a day now and is expected to increase as she recovers from the birthing. The calf is running and jumping so I assume she is healthy and doing fine also. We will be serving milk as of today to our girls. They are very excited. I am looking forward to the second cows birthing and the increased production of milk.

It is good and exciting at times

MGRC has been blessed and our prayers are being answered. A professional marketing company GrowthPoint Inc. is developing a new website and our social media presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) for us to get the word out on the lives of the girls and their changing lives.

It is an exciting time for us, but also a very busy one. The picture I chose for this blog depicts a typical house and living conditions our girls come from. This transition is not an easy one but one the girls adapt to quickly. Learning how to use a toilet, brush your teeth, wash your body every day, and change your clothes and wash them regularly are just some of the challenges these young girls face.

The girls are also learning how to study and grow in a school environment. We stress learning at MGRC, it’s a cornerstone of our mission. When you first ask one of our girls why they go to school they look at you and say because I told them to go. After I smile I discuss what school is really about. We teach that they are there for themselves. They are to learn and grow as individuals and they need to be attentive and inquisitive. We teach them to challenge us with “why” questions. We discuss that education is not only academic in school but also in life. It is humbling and fulfilling to watch these young girls, some of whom only could speak Maa (Maasai language) grow and blossom. The future looks bright for them as they continue to grow and learn.

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