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Our First Year’s Accomplishments & Help from Unexpected Places

our first year's accomplishments

Our first year’s accomplishments

MGRC is gaining traction and with any growth it is not always smooth sailing but the rewards are worth it. MGRC has just celebrated its official one year anniversary and we have learned a lot. Our first year’s accomplishments started with two girls last year and we now have sixteen. We have a staff of four women who are their surrogate mothers while at our center. Our story has reached many of my friends, some of whom I have not seen in ages. Many of these friends have donated money and their time helping us.

MGRC is renting space and working through a community based organization in Longido Tanzania. Their support has allowed us to start prior to having our own land and buildings. An organization in Virginia called Friends for African Development allowed us to accept contributions through their 501(c)3 so we could start taking tax deductible donations prior to us incorporating and receiving our own 501(c)3 status. MGRC was incorporated in Arizona and friends who were familiar with our work formed our board. All members of the board are volunteering and not only take no compensation for their work, but are also sponsoring one or more girls at MGRC.

Help from unexpected places

While reaching out on a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise money for our dairy cow project I was reconnected to a man, Bruce Hammond, who I worked for almost 20 years ago. He not only donated to our dairy cow project, he and his wife sponsor a girl at MGRC. He introduced MGRC to his employees at GrowthPoint Inc. and they overwhelmingly wanted to help. They are now creating a professional website and social media campaign for us. The website is www. MaasaiRescue.org. You can find more about us on the website or respond to us directly at [email protected].


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    Daniel Martineau says

    Your analysis is spot on: the best way to change a whole society for the better is to start with the children, especially the girls. Through education (in the broadest sense, empowering them to see their lives as much, much more than powerless childbearing vessels), the girls will soon enough become young women who will bring notions of Justice, Equality and Freedom to the whole society. By taking in the “Least of These”, including albinos, girls escaping FGM and pre-pubescient marriage, or those who suffer other abuses and neglect, you shine God’s Love on them in all of its possibilities. Bless Your Work!

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