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It Takes Time To Understand

It Takes Time to Understand

Well things are moving ever so slowly but they are moving. I am constantly learning how much I do not know about the Tanzanian, African, and Maasai cultures. I am trying but some days are easier than others. The biggest problem I have is language, it takes time to understand so I am totally dependent on others to speak and interpret for me. One has to trust the people who are doing this for you and there in lies the issue. Africans want you to be happy so they sugar coat the bad news or don’t tell you at all. You always get “no problem” and other positive spins, especially if it involves a business deal.

With the crying out of the way here is the good news. We have applied for land to start construction on our orphanage and school. We should hear in the next week or so, at least that is what I am told. We had to locate the facilities a little further from our boma since we could not find water here. The place we are requesting has plenty of good water available and decent roads to travel. If we are blessed with this land I will be posting pictures and our overall business plan. Many in the community are behind us and encouraging our efforts.

We’ve had a few good rains which is good for the plants and animals. The zebra, gazelle, and impalas are back. They left during the bad part of the drought but returned in just one week of the rains coming. It is great to wake up to see a heard of zebra grazing in your yard. Our cows are looking like they will get back to health, at least if the rains continue to keep the vegetation green. During the drought many of the Maasai said they were going to liquidate their livestock since this drought was so difficult on the cows. Now that it is green, we will see.

Friends from the states are arriving later this month. It will be good to see them and share a few stories.

I have not opened the shop yet. I have been having trouble finding a good reliable shop person. I have put out requests and hope to fill the slot soon. My neighbors are all complaining that I have not opened yet. I tell them soon, I hope.

I will be traveling a little in June and July. A friend has a trucking business and I will ride along with him to see some of this country. I am looking forward to this. I also will go to the Masai Mara to see the wildebeest crossing the Mara River. I have seen this on discovery channel now I hopefully will see in person. One million animals should be quite a sight.

I will share more as we progress with the projects.

I wrote this three days ago and the network would not let me post. I hope this works today.

Today, the mother of the girl who works for me died. She died this morning and the funeral was this afternoon. It takes time to understand that the Maasai believe in quick burials and short mourning periods. Tomorrow I am going to a wedding. Life goes on. It is harder for some than others, but it does go on.

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