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It is Just a Little Different

It it just a little different

Well, it is just a little different. I have been here for over two years and I sometimes think I understand the differences in mine and the Tanzanian culture. If I learned anything, it is that I really don’t appreciate the real differences. I wish I was gifted with the ability to write as some are given because I would really like to tell this story. I do not feel I am capable of doing justice to it so I will leave it said that the differences are vast and some are subtle. I am coping with these differences but am challenged as my personality is such that I think all people think as I do. One would think that after all these years I would know better but I am thick headed and struggle with this issue.

I am in Arusha the last two days. I am here to get my car serviced and buy some groceries for the boma. I also was suppose to pick up a payment of a loan I made to a friend but this did not happen. There is a real story on that one but I won’t bore with the details. Let’s just say the payment has been delayed again for the fourth time.

When I was young my father would work on cars in the back our house. He had a minimal set of tools and could do fix almost anything on a mechanical device. It is very similar here. I had a leak in my second fuel tank. The fund (mechanic) took it off, had it welded and returned to working order with several major issues in doing so for a grand total of $20. It took two days and about 6 hours. He was happy with the fee and I was happy to get my car back to full capacity. While waiting for the car I witnessed an accident. Two small motorcycles collided and one person was killed and the other suffered multiple broken limbs and who knows what else. The people I was with said this is an every day occurrence and no one will be blamed or compensated for their loss. It is just a little different here.

I return to the boma tomorrow. I left Sunday after heavy rains Saturday night. We literally had to repair every road from our boma to Mairowa since every ditch was totally washed out. A one hour trip took six hours. I then had to cross the river at Longido. The water was only up to the bottom of my doors so not a big issue. It was exciting though, my friends car was based away a week earlier in a similar situation. He is alright and it seems the fund’s have his car running again. Tanzanian craftsman..

We are starting our projects so more to come in the next few weeks as to the progress.

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