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Nemoipo’s Continuing Education Journey

continuous education

Before Nemoipo joined MGRC, she would walk six kilometers to school, one-way. Often her primary intention for attending class was to receive a single meal — a bowl of porridge — that was provided at the school most days. Her family was very poor, and sometimes there simply was not enough food to go around. Nemoipo was not always the best student, but it is extremely difficult for children to focus on learning when they are insufficiently nourished. Nemoipo’s Continuing Education Journey

Sometimes Nemoipo would stop by my house, knowing that I provided meals to the local children. I still remember the day that Nemoipo’s mother begged me to take her daughter in at the Center. She understood that at MGRC, Nemoipo would have access to nutrition, education, and a brighter future. I’m happy to report that today she is happy, healthy, and thriving in her studies.

It is not uncommon for girls to be behind in school when they arrive at MGRC, nor is it uncommon for them to work extraordinarily hard to catch up, utilizing our tutors and educational resources to accelerate their growth. Nemoipo is no exception. With a sharp focus on her studies, she has worked hard to move from the back to the top half of her class. She has recently taken her primary school graduation exam, and we are all anxiously awaiting the results. If she passes, Nemoipo has expressed a desire to continue her studies in secondary school.

While she awaits the exam results, Nemoipo has been helping at the Center, learning to sew, taking care of the layer chickens, and cooking. I wholeheartedly believe that the education and life skills she has gained at MGRC will help her to support herself and be successful in life. Just like our own children, we want to assist and encourage them to reach their full potential. I know that continuous education will not always be the right path for every child, but I do believe that every child has the potential to find success on their own unique path. It’s our job to find and nurture their passions, and to help them become productive members of their community.

And now an update: Since writing this post, we’ve received some exciting news. Nemoipo has passed her exam and will be able to move on to secondary school! We had a little celebration for her at the Center, and she is very excited for this opportunity to continue her education.

In celebration of Nemoipo’s graduation

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