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Finding joy in serving others

Maasai girls at church

One of the best parts about this mission is seeing the transformation that takes place once the girls are able to start unlocking their true potential. In a remarkably short period of time, these girls have gone from struggling for basic survival in the bush to actively contributing to their local community. They aren’t letting their past or setbacks define them. Even though they have every excuse to have a negative outlook on life, they decide to make the world around them a better place instead. The smiles on their faces say it all… I’m so proud of them.

MGRC girls picking up litter around the community
MGRC girls heading out into neighborhood to pick up litter.
Joyful, smiling girl serving her community

The girls have been picking up litter around the outside of the Center grounds and in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, litter is very common here. They are leading the way though in setting an example to take pride in their community by helping to beautify it.

Some of our girls love performing in the church services and other events. They have become a source of joy and unity for the community.

In addition to transforming the lives of individual girls, our efforts are creating a ripple effect that extends beyond just the girls themselves. By empowering these young women to step out of survival mode and into positions of service and leadership, we are not only changing their lives but also influencing the entire community. This generation of empowered girls will go on to inspire others, creating a positive impact that will continue to spread and grow.

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