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Our Incredible Experience at MGRC 

Group photo at MGRC

Guest post by: Judy and Dave Clouse

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to visit Maasai Girls Rescue Center in Tanzania, an organization we have been supporting for over four years. We’re originally from Wisconsin but retired to Arizona where one of our passions is actively volunteering at our church. We also love to travel and are avid readers.

Our journey to discovering MGRC began when Judy joined Threads of Hope, a sewing community associated with Scottsdale Bible Church. Threads of Hope sews dresses and shorts for various mission groups worldwide, including MGRC. This connection led us to support MGRC and eventually set the stage for our journey there when we planned a trip to Tanzania.

This was our first trip to Tanzania and we made the most of it, including visits to MGRC and our two church-sponsored schools as well as a safari. Altogether, it was a challenging but very meaningful 28 days of exploring Tanzania.

Our experience at MGRC was incredible. The girls at MGRC stole our hearts from the moment we arrived. Some of the girls were outgoing and immediately engaged with us, while others required a bit of encouragement before they began to talk, laugh and interact. They were genuinely interested in our lives, just as we were in theirs. The dedication of the house mothers and the entire staff was encouraging to us. We loved to see them care for the girls as if they were their very own family.

Sewing with a couple of Maasai girls in the new vocational center
Playing chess with Maasai girls at MGRC

MGRC is not only providing each girl a safe environment to live, it is offering an opportunity for learning essential life skills which will carry them into a brighter future. MGRC has made tremendous progress over the past few years, with their new facilities and self-sufficiency in food production. To actually view their progress with the buildings, the gardens, and the farm was amazing. We loved seeing the girls thriving in learning skills like cooking, crafting and growing food because MGRC now has the resources and capabilities. The new dormitories allow for the girls to have a home-like setting with their own age group and a house mother, able to gather in comfortable rooms for relaxing as well as those for sleeping. We saw the spiritual training that is being provided to the girls and how they are responding by making faith in Christ their own.

As for our most memorable MGRC experiences, there were plenty to choose from. Dave had an unexpected opportunity to put his farming background to use by butchering a hog – a skill he hadn’t practiced in over 45 years! For Judy, the most profound moments were when the girls sang, prayed, and held devotions. Their pure, sweet voices singing about Jesus carried a message of love that resonated far beyond the MGRC premises.

Butchering a hog
View of the MGRC ecoFarm
Standing next to a banana tree
Sitting with Maasai girl at the breakfast table

We have done mission work in many countries and being in Tanzania reminded us again of the extent of poverty in the world. Even the nearby town of Karatu is limited in terms of being able to purchase necessary supplies which often forces MGRC staff to travel three hours to Arusha for basic items. We take so much for granted in our lives. After four weeks in Tanzania, we came home determined to give more and to hold on to what we have more loosely.

Anyone considering to support MGRC, we would say this: you don’t have to sponsor a girl if it is beyond your means. Every bit of financial support, no matter the amount, is vital and appreciated.

MGRC is making a difference by sharing the love of God and empowering Maasai girls to live and exist with more independence for their future. We receive many requests to support charities. We want our money to go to organizations that will have eternal benefits. We choose to support MGRC because we believe it fits that profile.

Our time at MGRC was truly rewarding. The progress, the dedication of the staff, and the girls themselves left an indelible mark on our hearts. We wholeheartedly encourage others to make
the journey, and we hope to return again one day.


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    Dan M says

    Beautiful reflections Judy. I can’t wait to visit myself, especially after hearing about your special experience. It sounds amazing!

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