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New rescued girl, ecoFarm update, dedication ceremony delayed

I’ve been told that some people might be interested in knowing how I spend my time while “vacationing” for the last 9 years in Africa. 😉 So, I thought I would keep a weekly journal of my day-to-day activities here at the Center and share them with you.

Last week we took a young girl, Naini, from the Ngorongoro conservation area for a medical examination at Plaster House. But before we could go to Arusha for her exam, her mother died giving birth. The baby survived. The funeral was the following day so we took Naini to her home which is an hour and a half from Karatu over some very rough roads. Naini’s father already has four children by this mother and six children by his first wife who also died in child birth years prior.

He asked us (MGRC) to take Naini permanently so we did.

This week we took the baby to our friends at Neema Village where she will get excellent care and a loving home until such time as she can return home. While in Arusha, we took Naini to Plaster House where she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we did some shopping for things we cannot get in Karatu, and then returned home. The very next day I came down with a bad cold and spent two days in bed…I’m feeling much better today.

We have a visitor coming to see her sponsored girl tomorrow. We are always happy when our girls’ sponsors visit us at the rescue center. All the girls enjoy these visits – not just the sponsored ones. If you are interested in visiting us, please email me to make arrangements.

new rescued maasai girl and her father
Naini and her father

With each passing week, we see the ecoFarm getting closer to completion. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and videos of the progress – it’s really something to see. We are also interviewing for a farm manager who will be responsible for meeting our sustainability goals.

Our dedication ceremony at the primary school was delayed due to the District Commissioner being called to an emergency meeting. MGRC donated 60 (much needed) desks to the school. It’s the least we could do since they graciously took 52 of our girls, all at once!

Until next week…

Maasai Girls Rescue Center ecoFarm

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