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Volunteers Help MGRC Girls

volunteer at mgrc

Volunteers help MGRC girls learn new talents, build their self-confidence, and set goals for their future

The volunteers had smooth travels to MGRC and have settled in and adjusted to jet lag. They are enjoying getting to know all the girls by playing and singing songs together.  They are learning about life in Tanzania and the girls are learning about the US.  They are working with the girls to help improve their English, math, reading and writing skills. Many of the girls have a sponsor, the sponsor funds the costs of their expenses to be at MGRC.  The volunteers helped the girls to write a letter to their sponsor and create beautiful artwork that will be included in as a gift to their sponsor. 

The MGRC girls are benefitting from many wonderful lessons the volunteers are teaching them – one example is they taught them to keep a journal.  Each girl writes in her journal everything she loves about herself. Then whenever she is sad – she can read her journal to lift her spirit and re-build her self-confidence.  This is a beautiful practice to share that will help throughout their lifetime!

Threads of Hope is a wonderful generous group that sews dresses for the girls.  Each girl receives a dress/skirt that is custom made for her. The dresses were delivered while the volunteers were there and they helped the girls try on each dress. We are fortunate to be blessed by the love and talents of the Threads of Hope group.  The volunteers were surprised that the girls only get a new dress/skirt twice a year.  They feel very appreciative of the clothing, nice belongings and conveniences they have at home in the US.

They went into the local town, which was an eye-opening experience. They were able to feel and understand what it is like to be the minority, attracting the stares from the local townspeople. They observed the simple way that the people in Tanzania live – dirt roads, small rundown houses, and only the necessities are available. They noticed that those things did not matter – the people were happy with their lifestyle and they do what is needed to make things work.  They had fun and were able to get their hair braided. 

We (MGRC’s USA board & team) had a conference call with them and here are a few of their comments:

“We are so thankful and feel lucky for everything we have back home in the US.”

“We are enjoying learning about life in another culture and to share what it is like in the US.”

“Helping the girls learn new things and to help build their self-confidence makes us feel good about what we are doing and how to set a good example for them.”

The volunteers recognize they must set a good example for the MGRC girls.  The volunteers help MGRC girls learn new talents, build their self-confidence and set goals for their future.  The MGRC girls see them as great role models and now as American Idol superstars! Sharing and singing American songs and one volunteer is very talented playing her guitar. The volunteers feel proud of themselves for what they are doing to help the girls.  We are very thankful and proud of them for all they are doing for MGRC.  

What’s up next for our volunteers? Helping at the ecoFarm, creating a video of the ecoVillage build progression, plus some fun excursions to the Boma (local homes) and safaris.

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