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Volunteers at MGRC, Chickens, ecoFarm Updates

volunteers at ecofarm

It has been a very busy time here at MGRC. The girls are on school break, and we have four recent high school graduates from the States visiting. My granddaughter is here for her second visit in two years along with three friends. All are enjoying the exchange of cultures. I know all are learning from each other. Our visitors went to the salon to have their hair braided. The MGRC girls loved seeing them copy the African design. The volunteers have been active sharing stories about their family and learning about the MGRC girls’ families. We are planning on visiting a few Maasai bomas so our visitors can see just how our MGRC girls lived prior to coming to live with us.

The ecoFarm construction (Phase 1) is progressing and nearing completion.

Cows in the barn and workers finishing the cow yard fence installation.

Livestock Barn: The zero-grazing cows are now in the new barn and the cow yard is fenced. The only thing left for the cows is to buy milking equipment, a pasteurizer, and a machine for cutting the cow fodder.

Chicken Coop:  We are waiting for the nesting boxes and perch to be completed. The building is complete, and the yard is fenced. We have been blessed with a successful fundraiser – raised over $3,000 – to purchase layer and broiler chickens, feed, and supplies. Our MGRC girls, house mothers, and staff will be having fresh eggs in about two months!

Hydroponics System & Garden: Our hydroponics fodder greenhouse is just about complete. The foundation and pole structure are done. The screen netting and tray shelves need to be added and are already contracted out. We should be able to start the fodder system soon. We are in the final phase of clearing out overgrown non-native small trees and bushes on our 3-acre farm. Once the land is cleared, we will start to dig the garden plots and plant vegetables. Since the nursery was started in advance, the plants should be ready for transplant once the main plots are completed.

A few major things left to do on the farm is to finish the water tower, final touches on the grain storage building, and to get quotes for the internal road, pig house, and rabbit hutch.

You can see the progress photos and videos on our Flicker account.


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    Kathleen Conway says

    What a wonderful project. The girls will learn so much about sustainability, care for animals and the earth, independence, and community. We need to cultivate these attitudes here in the US as well.

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